“Innovación Creativa: Crea con Photo Stock Gratis en Adobe”


In the digital age, images are essential to capture attention and transmit messages. El stock photo has become the preferred source for finding photos of high quality and authenticity.

Light Trigger for Action

Adobe, leader in design and creativity, offers a platform rich in visual resources. From impressive landscapes to portraits full of emotion, photo stock in Adobe covers an amazing range of themes.

Content creators, from designers to bloggers, find a reliable source in Adobe Stock to illustrate their ideas. Diversity is a key feature of the Adobe stock photo collection.

El stock photo it's simple and fast. From minimalist captures to vibrant and expressive images, each photo tells a unique story. Users can explore categories ranging from travel and lifestyle to technology and nature.

Stock Photo: Ease of Use and Customization

Adobe Stock on the ground offers a wide selection of images, but also a smooth user experience. With its direct integration into Adobe Creative Cloud applications, designers can preview, license and customize images without problems.

The option to license individual photos or through monthly subscription offers flexibility to users. In addition, the acquired images can be edited and adapted according to the needs of the project, which provides great creative versatility.

The global impact of Adobe Stock is reflected in its scope. From independent designers to world-renowned creative agencies, the platform has found a place in the heart of the creative industry.

The images in Adobe Stock have given life to advertising campaigns, websites and design projects around the world.

Adobe Stock Photo: Discover and Share your Vision

Adobe Stock is a powerful platform that gives you access to a wide variety of images, illustrations and videos to enrich your visual projects.

Whether you're a designer, content creator or simply someone looking for high quality images, here's a tutorial on how to use Adobe Stock effectively.

Registration and Access: Create an Adobe Stock account or sign in if you already have an Adobe account. Once inside, browse the library using key words or categories to find the images you need.

Filtering Results: Use the search filters to adjust the results according to your preference. You can select the type of media (photos, illustrations, videos), orientation, color, and more.

Continuing the Tutorial

  1. Preview: Click on an image to obtain a larger preview and details. This will allow you to assess whether it is the right image for your project.

Subtitle 3: Licensing and Discharge

  1. Licensing Images: Once you find the perfect image, select the licensing option. You can opt for a standard license or an extended one, depending on your needs.
  2. Download: Once licensed, you will have the option to download the image in high resolution. Make sure to select the appropriate format and size for your project.

Subtitle 4: Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Adobe Apps: Adobe Stock is integrated with many Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You can access your license directly from these applications and work with the image in your projects.
  2. Edition and Customization: Once downloaded, you can edit and customize the image according to your needs. Adjust colors, sizes and more so that it fits perfectly in your design.

Subtitle 5: Responsible and Legal Use

  1. Comply with the Licenses: Make sure you understand the conditions of the license you have acquired. Some images may have usage restrictions.
  2. Image Credits: If you are using licensed images in public projects, please consider providing credits to the author of the image as acknowledgment.

Free Options

  1. Unsplash: one of them image banks free but popular, offers a wide variety of high resolution photos in different categories.
  2. Pixabay: It offers a large collection of free photos, illustrations and videos, all under Creative Commons licenses.
  3. Pexels: Similar to Unsplash, Pexels also offers a variety of high-quality, royalty-free photos.
  4. freepik: In addition to photos, Freepik also offers free vectors and graphic resources for designers.
  5. Burst (from Shopify): This image bank is focused on entrepreneurs and businesses, offering high resolution images free of charge.
  6. Reshot: A platform that stands out for the unique quality of its photos and the variety of themes it offers.
  7. Gratisography: It offers creative and somewhat quirky images, ideal for unique projects.
  8. StockSnap: A site that gathers knowledge of images new ones each week, covering a variety of themes.
  9. Flickr (under Creative Commons license): In addition to being a social network for exchanging photos, Flickr also allows users to share their photos under various Creative Commons licenses.


In conclusion, the world of photography and online images has evolved in an impressive way, and Adobe Stock stands out as a reliable and versatile source for obtaining high-quality photos that will boost your visual projects.

Through its extensive library, creative diversity and ease of integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, this platform becomes an invaluable ally for creators, designers and entrepreneurs in search of impactful visual resources.

The option to explore free images on Adobe Stock offers a unique opportunity to experiment and bring your ideas to life without compromising quality.

This accessible and user-friendly approach to accessing visual resources is a reflection of Adobe's commitment to fostering global creativity.