PHP Framework: The Best and Why Use It?


Starting a website from absolute zero is a bit of work, so using a PHP Framework can and will help you solve this problem, as they offer a foundation where you can build and also develop the project.

So we decided to write this article in order to help you find the best frameworks for you to carry out your programming and development tasks.


In this our guide we will introduce you, and also talk about the characteristics of some of our favorite PHP Frameworks. But before getting into the main subject, we will make a brief introduction about and why you should use it.

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Brief introduction and why to use:

In case you didn't know, in the area of program development, framework refers to the library of files that have the function of storing many basic functions. So the big goal is to offer the foundation for you to be able to develop your projects much more efficiently. 

And for that, it inserts a series of functionalities that you'll have to develop from the beginning, in case you were starting from absolute zero.

So imagine you're testing a new recipe in your house. You will have to buy all the ingredients that will be necessary to prepare the recipe according to its recommendations.

But as you know, you will also need basic household utensils such as pots, cutlery and perhaps some household appliances. So in our example, know that the basic kitchen utensils represent the frameworks.

That in fact, without them, you would certainly have a lot more work to prepare all the ingredients in your recipe. So know that they work exactly the same way, so you don't have the need to reinvent everything several times.

For this reason, if you are planning to develop a new application in PHP, our recommendation is to look for a framework that already includes all the functions you need.

But luckily for you, the options are quite diverse, but of course each one of them is unique in the way it is developed. And of course they all have distinct characteristics such as strengths and weaknesses. And as our intention here is always to help you, we will now introduce you and help you choose the best PHP framework for all your needs, which are:

Best PHP Frameworks for web development:

We don't know if this is your case, but if you've already used some kind of framework, as mentioned above, you know that each tool has its particularity, which makes it unique.

All the options that we will present are free and also open source, which means that you have all the freedom to experiment with the different tools.


For sure the Laravel is one of the most popular, it is well known for its syntax which is elegant, in addition to being very easy to learn, not to mention the pleasure of working with it.

Using Laravel you can start your work on your projects very quickly, which will save you time and work with features such as section management, user authentication and caching. Overall, Laravel provides the tools you need to build modern PHP applications.

And if you're interested in the technical parts that make Laravel such a great choice, it's pretty easy to find out. So know that the main essence of Laravel is very solid regarding its performance. Not to mention that its functionalities can be extended with extensions.

It also has full integration with some third-party services, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), which in turn allows the development of applications that are highly scalable.

And for those long-term tasks, you can then schedule them to run fully asynchronously, which will further improve performance.

Main features:

  • Extension of functions using add-ons;
  • Elegant syntax framework;
  • Integration with some external platforms;
  • Native functionalities to be able to work with user management, caching, among others;
  • Runs tasks asynchronously improving performance.

And we cannot fail to mention that Laravel has a fully active community, which is very good, because if you need help, you'll know where to find it. And if this is your first time using a framework, then know that Laravel will be an excellent choice for you.


If there was a competition for the name of the best, surely the Symphony I would also be competing with Laravel and CodeIgniter, as both are very popular.

Symfony is very flexible, having a package and also a component system that will allow you to choose exactly the PHP features you need, and if you want, you can also use it in its entirety.

So to make sure your application runs the way it really needs to, it offers testing functionality. Not to mention that your learning process is a bit complex.

Main features:

  • Offers a great manual for learning;
  • Very flexible allowing the choice of components;
  • Testing functionality.

Symfony is also a great choice, especially if you care about modularity. You can choose to use only the components you want, without having to use the entire library. And that makes it one of the best PHP frameworks if you just need some simple help.


O CodeIgniter it is a PHP framework that uses different components to handle specific development tasks. This is a very popular method among web developers, simply because it allows you to create high-scale applications without taking up a lot of space.

If you are a beginner, then know that CodeIgniter can be an excellent option for you, mainly because it is much easier to learn. Not to mention that the platform also provides a great manual to further improve your learning. Its performance is quite solid, making it ideal for creating lighter applications for more modest servers.

Main features:

  • Easy learning;
  • Lightweight and fully focused on performance;
  • Scalable app creation.

Of course, there are several advantages in using CodIgniter, but in no way can we consider it one of the best PHP frameworks here, mainly due to its updates that have weaknesses, as they are irregular updates.


Phalcon is somewhat different from the others, as its source code is written in the C programming language, so it is nothing more than a PHP C extension.

If the issue is performance, the falcon does not leave anything to be desired, always delivering high quality and level results. Not to mention that it is very light, and more, the platform has almost no files to be installed.

Quite the contrary, instead you just install the modules if you need them, which will make the development process much more organized.

Main features:

  • Excellent performance using few resources;
  • Written in C language;
  • Use of libraries and modules only if necessary.

The clear Phalcon even seems to be a great alternative, mainly due to its popularity. But we cannot fail to mention that its learning manual is somewhat complicated.

And if you need help because of bugs will be a little more difficult to find. But still the Phalcon is among the best. Especially if we take into account its performance.


O Zend is totally object oriented, also based on MVC (Model View Controller) allowing you to load and use only the components you need, such as individual libraries. So Zend will allow you to focus only on the functions and components you want, ignoring everything else.

Due to this and also the nature of the object you will then be able to reuse much of the code you've written previously, which actually sounds like good news. Zend also allows you to integrate with some external platforms, all to further extend its functionality.

Main features:

  • Back to objects;
  • Integration with external libraries;
  • Reuse of already written codes;
  • Use only desired items.

But not everything is flowers, Zend has some weaknesses, such as the difficulty of learning on this platform. But even so, Zend is certainly one of the best.


Know that the Yii it is also among the best, deserving mention for its ease of installation and initial configuration, which in turn is very simple. Not to mention that the Yii is a very strong competitor of the Phalcon when it comes to performance, which is still an excellent attraction.

Yii, like others, provides the user with several robust tools that in turn accelerate the development of their applications. But it really stands out for its security features, which in turn can be used in projects that need high security.

Main features:

  • Excellent performance and speed;
  • Offers standard or custom installation;
  • Creation of much safer web sites and applications.

As a weak point we can say that Yii is somewhat difficult to learn, if it is your first framework. And despite being one of the main ones, if you are new to the language, then in that case we recommend other options.


We can say that the FuelPHP it is quite new, as it was released in 2014. Its creators say they have made the best selection of practices from other existing frameworks and created something new and exciting for users.

Main features:

  • Very safe;
  • Full HMVC support;

FuelPHP supports versions 5.4 and above. Not to mention the excellent documentation they make available to their users.


O Cake PHP was the pioneer, being the first PHP MVC framework to hit the market. This was in the early 2000's. Already at that time he was considered a revelation. And know that even today it is among one of the best available and free. Not to mention that it is also among the most popular.

Although CakePHP has improved a lot in terms of performance by adding new components, what really stands out is the way it approaches code.

And because of that, when you fully master your set of conventions, then you can focus on developing and delivering better results much faster.

CakePHP also provides its users with an amazing library with many useful components. Know that it offers one of the best toolsets and components on the market. So if you're looking to deploy features that are harder to find, it's great.

Main features:

  • Use of conventions to develop projects faster;
  • Huge set of tools and components.

If you have a love for PHP conventions, then CakePHP might be more restrictive. But if you like to develop creatively, CakePHP might not be a good fit for you. But still it is very chosen by many developers.

Quick conclusion:

As you know there are many programming languages which you can use, but PHP has its spotlight when it comes to server programming. And even if you are a very experienced PHP developer, know that it takes a long time to get the typing done for each new application.

For this reason, knowing how to choose the PHP framework to meet your needs is essential, because that way you can speed up a large part of the work, and thus be able to get straight to the point that matters, which is creating a new application.

That's it, that's it for today, that's it, and we hope you enjoyed our content. Big hug and success