Learn How to Boost Blog Posts


Surely, setting up a super blog and not knowing how to boost blog posts to reach your goals is of no use, is it? And certainly the only and main objective is to generate traffic and attract more and more visitors using the potential of your content to earn money of course.



But unfortunately most bloggers give up very easily precisely because they are unable to achieve excellent results. So this is easily justified by the simple fact of not having goals and objectives established right at the beginning of the project. Or not even a minimum of initial planning.


So, for you to start a project on the internet, it is very important to know how to buy a domain, choose a hosting company that will not let you down. And of course devise marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.


That's why in this article we're going to cover very important tips to help you and your business succeed by boosting your blog posts. Let's go!

how to boost blog posts

Know where your audience comes from:

As you already know, people logically have different tastes and also opinions many times on the same subject. That's why knowing how to identify this is essential if you want to make money on the internet boosting your posts. Understanding your audience is practically the first step of several to be applied to generate traffic qualified.


That is why it is necessary to use some tools that will give you this information that you need so much. Our recommendation is that you use Google's own tool, Google Analytics. All you have to do is integrate your website or blog with this tool, which is free, and with that you will be able to measure and analyze all your traffic.


When you know who your audience really is, it becomes much easier to plan a good strategy and adapt your content based on the interests of your audience.


Only post items of value and originals:

This is very valuable advice for you because it is the main objective of any blog, but of course it is not a very easy task to apply. Post valuables and originals is very difficult, even more so with a long-term strategy due to the lack of themes.


That's why the recommendation for you is, always look for new subjects about a niche already established by you earlier during the planning phase. That way you will be avoiding talking about things and topics that your competitors have already published.


Therefore, an article that is relevant has an obligation to bring new information and other types of questions that in turn have not yet been explored. We know this is extremely difficult, but this is the best way forward in the long run.


Always maintain a publication frequency:

Maintaining a constancy of publications is of paramount importance for the success of your blog, so it's good to plan the dates to post so you don't get lost in the periodicity of the posts. Always try to maintain a frequency of regular publications will help to indoctrinate your audience keeping it retained for much longer.


Because your audience knowing the days of your publications will create a certain pact and even expectations of your readers. This is an excellent strategy that should be applied to leverage your posts.


Optimizing your articles for search engines:

So now that you've correctly planned the frequency of your publications, it's time to optimize your content for Seo (optimized organic searches).


Having optimized content will allow you to be found much more easily by search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


That way you will be able to attract a much larger number of visitors, which is why it is essential to use Seo and optimization techniques. Check out some tips to make your content more optimized:


  • Always try to create short and objective titles;
  • Always use keywords in your articles and also in titles and subtitles;
  • Make a good internal link between your articles;
  • Point links to other websites in your content;
  • Try to invest in metadata and in your on-page optimization in general.


Having a good article optimized for search engines has the power to reach many more people with much more precision.


Use link building techniques:

External linking, also known as Link Building and is part of off page SEO. By linking another article from another blog with your post, you will be telling the reader that that link is reliable. The Google search engine evaluates external links in several ways, such as:


  • Quality of links from other sites that your blog is receiving;
  • The authority of the site that was linked to;
  • And also the context in which the link appears.


These are just a few factors, in its algorithm Google takes into account more than 200 factors that are extremely important for a link building strategy. Always evaluating the quality of the content and the pagerank that the site or blog has. Off-page Seo or link building techniques are certainly among the most powerful, placing your articles at the top of organic searches.


Guest posts:

Making invitations for other bloggers to post on your blog and also receiving invitations to publish on other people's blogs is an excellent strategy to boost and also generate more and more traffic. It is certainly an excellent strategy for you to introduce yourself to new audiences and thus manage to captivate new readers.


So if you really want to invest in guest posts, our advice is that you look for sites that are related to your subject and content. Thus, its contextuality will be much better and get more visits.


Join communities and forums related to your area:

This is certainly a very positive strategy, but very little used by bloggers. When you participate in forums you will be able to answer questions and thus publicize the link to your article.


But never forget that it is extremely important to focus only on communities and forums whose subject is directly related to your content.


Groups on social networks will also provide excellent options for boosting your blog posts, due to the simplicity that social media offers.


Social media:

Nowadays social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other new social networks are of great importance for generating qualified traffic, as their users spend a lot of time connected to these networks.


So if you have valuable content, it is indeed possible to generate a lot of traffic with social media shares, because the union that social media provide is certainly an excellent way to get much more visibility on the web.


Boosting posts with other content templates:

When it comes to the web, it is quite common to think that the only form of content is the text format, and this is due to the simple fact that the textual format is present in practically 100% of existing blogs, and also because it is easier to produce.


However, this way of thinking is totally wrong and ends up reducing the quality and even the potential of your project. There are many content formats that should be explored by you to boost your articles without using only texts, for example:


  1. Produce video marketing as a form of content;
  2. Record Podcasts (audio);
  3. Use Infographics;
  4. Reviews;
  5. Search for interviews;
  6. Case studies;
  7. Campaign capture form email lists email marketingg.


We mention only the most common and used ones but there are many ways to do this, just use and abuse your creativity without forgetting the quality.



Nowadays, there are many ways that you can leverage a blog and you can and should explore all of them, not just limiting yourself to simple texts. Always look for new ways, so you will be allowing your audience and public to have an even better impression of your content.


Conquering the much-dreamed success on the internet is linked to several essential factors to be able to reach your target audience, always seeking to exceed expectations.


So now that you know how to boost your blog posts on the internet, just put your hand in the dough and practice. And remember success depends on you. Until then and until the next article. Success ?



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