Discover the Best Business Name Generators


If you are looking to start a business then you obviously need to create your brand name. And for this very important task you can use a business name generator.

For many, creating a name can even be an easy task, but for others this would be a very complicated task. Because making the right choice will certainly make all the difference in the future.


For this reason, we prepared this article to show you the best name generators for online companies today. So let's check out what they are!

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Advantages of generating creative and attractive names for your company:

The name of your business along with the logo are among the main points of contact with your audience, as they simply convey what your benefits are and also your differentials.

So the company name is part of your brand and is what will differentiate you from your competitors. Because when your company name catches attention because of your creativity, then it becomes much easier to remember. Thus increasing your impulse sales and repeat purchases from customers.

Business Name Generator:

The resources that make Business Name Generator what stands out are its filters, they allow you to change your search preferences in order to receive more relevant recommendations. And to access these resources, just click on the Generate button.

The coolest thing about it is that the results are clickable, allowing you to even see if the domain is available for registration. And at the bottom of the Business Name Generator website page you will find a wide range of Premium logos and name ideas that you can also purchase.


If you have decided to set up an online sales site, then the Shopify Name Generator it can be a very useful tool for you. Because it gives you the option to choose the store model you want, such as electronics, perfumes, appliances, among others.

O Name Generator for Shopify online stores also offers another feature known by its users as Exchange Market, which means Exchange Market.

This is an online space where you can buy even a store already fixed along with the business name. Therefore, if you are not going to start a store from absolute zero, then the Shopify can help you.


O zyro is excellent because it allows you to have many results of examples of names for your business based on the keyword you search. Here, in this tool, you can be free and enter as many terms as you want to obtain much more accurate results.

There are other very useful features in the tool, such as the logo creator and the website builder and landing pages. Which will certainly make your business much more professional, with a very attractive look for your visitors and your audience.

And a very good thing is that it is completely free, so you just have to search and find the ideal name for your business.

Namelix Business Name Generator:

This one is a little different in the way of using it, but very efficient. O namelix. Here to be able to see the results of name ideas it is necessary to apply some filters.

It is necessary that you define the size of the name and also its style. They offer many different options such as brand name tips, compound and rhyming words and much more. You will be able to see two models side by side, so you can choose and buy the one you like best.

A, and another detail, as soon as the search results are shown, along with your logo, it can be paid or free. Here surveys are only available in English.


Using the Novanym you will get many ideas of names and also of logos always based on your choice. It is indeed a good tool, but unfortunately it has some weaknesses, such as: often the results shown have nothing to do with the searched word.

And their logos are also quite expensive when compared to other business name generator tools. Not to mention that the platform is also in English.

But faithfully the ideas and name tips are always available and ready to be used along with the domain, if it is free of registration.


While other generators present many filters to their users, oberlo offers a different experience, much simpler and more direct. Just enter your desired keywords, and click generate names. It will display in its results several pages of business name ideas for you to use.

You may not like this generator very much, as the results most of the time are very common name ideas.


One of the best things about this tool is that you can apply numerous filters before seeing the results. At the SquadHelp you include business categories, domain name, select word length and even syllables to get the result.

Here in this generator, all ideas for names and logos are paid for, and their prices are quite steep. Here each name additionally includes the domain registration fee and also the layout of the brand logo.

SquadeHelp also provides a very interesting tool on target audience testing. This tool allows you to test several variations of the same design. That way you find your audience's favorite.


O NameMesh offers two different generator models, the first of which you use between 2 or 3 keywords. In the second model, it lets you type 3 or even 4 different words.

But even so, NameMash is a domain name generator. It in turn will also suggest you company names based on the domains that are available.


O dot-o-mator it is a very reliable, but in turn has its weaknesses. Its interface is already quite outdated and is only compatible with iOS.

To get the results here you need to write multiple words at the beginning and also at the end of the process. So the tool makes the combinations and shows you the results. The tool will also show you names that are already in use, and if they are for sale they can be purchased and registered.

Tips for choosing a good name:

All of them will show you countless ideas, but it's up to you to decide and choose. And for you to make the right choice, here are some simple tips for a good choice:

  1. Availability: Always check if the company name, domain and social media users are available. Do it manually, it's very quick and simple;
  2. Choose a short name: always give preference to choosing a short and very original name, people will remember it more easily. And they always leave a good impression;
  3. Niche: always try to use your company name to show your audience what you really sell;
  4. Simplicity: don't waste too much time choosing the ideal business name, because if your favorite name fits the criteria, then go for it.


Knowing how to choose the ideal name is a very important step for anyone who is going to start a new business, whatever it may be. For this reason knowing how to use a business name generator is essential.

In this brief article today, we show you some of them to make your life easier when choosing, so now that you know how to find a perfect name for your business, let's use and abuse these tools.

So that's it, we're done here, we hope you enjoyed the content and that it helped you in some way. Big hug, see you next time and success?