Discover the Best Freelancer Sites on the Internet


If you are a freelancer and you are looking for a job, know that then you have accessed the right content, because in today's article we are going to present a nice list of the best freelancer sites on the internet.

These sites and platforms are dedicated exclusively to helping these professionals find work, and we know that this is not an easy task, especially nowadays.


Today you will find out how to start working as a professional freelancer and where to find work whenever you want, so let's get to know what these platforms are!

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What is a Freelancing Site?

They are nothing but platforms where workers as well as employers post their job vacancies. Know that working as a freelancer is an excellent way to show your talent and turn it into money doing what you like.

These sites will help you start a new and solid career, because with them you will get your first clients, not to mention the trust you will gain from employers.

And you will also be able to participate in several projects of different types that will sharpen your skills, so your online digital portfolio it only tends to grow, which will help to find different job opportunities.


O upwork provides essential tools for you to take your first step on your journey as a professional freelancer. They offer collaborative spaces, issuing invoices and a very transparent selection process. On this platform you can even get reputable clients like Microsoft and Airbnb.

Our recommendation is that anyone looking for more flexibility at work check out this site.

Simply Hired:

O Simply Hired It is for you if you are looking for platforms that offer job openings in your region or even close to your home. They provide a list showing the best salaries and also a tool to presume their income. This can be very useful if you want to compare specific jobs.


The website toptal is a platform that promises companies that they can hire 3% from the best freelancers around the world. And it is logical that you can be one of them, just dedicate yourself, work hard and develop your skills.


This platform has already won several awards as one of the best sites for freelancers, the hot is well known for always having the best professionals specialized in digital marketing, among other areas.

This website is intended for professionals with more than two years of experience, but newcomers can also benefit from the job offers that are available. And if you don't know how much to charge for your jobs, they provide a list of salaries to help you.


With almost 3 million registered professionals, here on this platform all workers have an evaluation system. Which is still a good promotion. O PeoplePerHour it's free, but the competition here might be an extra challenge for you.

Here you should always seek to improve as a professional and thus be able to define a fairer remuneration, in this way your chances of getting a job and being hired will increase a lot.


O Crowded is fueled by a kind of artificial intelligence in its selection process that will find the freelancers that best fit the needs of the companies. This site makes a ranking of all its users who are registered by fields such as experience, skill and price.

For employers this feature is excellent, as they do not have to do a new search for each job offer. So let the site's algorithm do its work and wait for your next employer to contact you.


O fiverr is among the most sought after, here you will present your completed works to the public. And that's how you'll be able to attract many more customers and get featured.

This eliminates the need to contact employers one by one, which would certainly take a long time. That's why contacting employers showing job offers is much better and less laborious.

The site also offers free courses so that you can also learn new skills, which will make your resume much richer.


It is also one of the most sought after, it is completely focused on work for designers, such as graphic arts, creation of logos even cover for books. O 99Designs allows its customers to start a contest in which all subscribers on the platform can participate.

Totally free, this site is perfect for you to present your work and thus improve your knowledge.

Writer Access:

Perhaps you want to become a writer, so the site is sure to Writer Access it's for you. This platform is indicated for all types of work that is written, and that includes writing articles and also correcting texts.

They provide many tools, such as: keyword optimization, content analysis and also an excellent content planner for you to do much more effective work.


the platform Next breaks down job searches and categorizes them into four criteria, which are:

  • Career;
  • Local;
  • Global;
  • Diversity.

The benefit of diversity serves to accommodate a much more inclusive work environment for all. And with this division of categories, this platform allows you to make several attempts at various job opportunities that really fit with all your career interests.


O skyword It's not just restricted to English-speaking companies or countries, they have customers in over 27 countries with full support for thirteen different languages.

Here you can register to work as a strategist of content marketing and even as an editorial manager. Stay tuned as an avalanche of marketing offers can be found here.


This is practically the largest in the entire world, with no less than 44 million registered professionals. And to be part of freelancer all you have to do is register for free and start competing with the hundreds of thousands of vacancies that are posted on the site daily.


O designhill it is also among the most popular sites, mainly because it offers a very transparent interface. Because that way customers will know how much a job will cost right away. This is a very cool feature as there are many different jobs out there, and they come with a different price as well.


O flexjobs in addition to offering an excellent platform for its professionals, it also encourages them to pursue a career in this field. Not to mention that this platform collects and organizes any offer published worldwide.

And for just $ $15 a month you'll have access to a huge network of employers, detailed company descriptions and skills tests.


O Hireable offers the professional the opportunity to get work outside Europe and the United States. They provide a very clear and straightforward user interface. They also include notices about new jobs uploaded to the platform, which makes them an excellent platform.


After completing your registration in the Guru, you will then become a member of an incredible community with thousands of freelancers from all over the world including Brazil. Here you can search for jobs in different areas, such as: writing, development, business, architecture, engineering and much more.

How to start working as a freelancer?

To start your work you have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages, in no way do we want to deceive you by telling you that in the lives of these professionals there are no worries.

This is normal, since he works as an employee with a formal contract, he has common problems of people with a formal contract. So anyone who works as a freelancer will have problems like one of them.

Before you start, do some good research on supply and demand in your area. Try to study the average prices charged for services provided by your competitors. And review the payment terms you can make available.

In this area, it is up to you to decide whether to charge per job (work) per hour or even per week. Look for an accountant you trust and see with him the laws to open a company in your name.

Another point that you have to take into account is in relation to the place of work. Will you visit the customer in person? Are transport costs already included in your price?

If your work as a freelancer is provided in the home office format, then be aware of the workplace. Mainly its structure (table, computer, telephone, chair, ventilation, internet connection, among others).

Know that working alone is not for everyone, so it takes a lot of discipline and self-control to manage everything yourself so that you don't get into trouble yourself. You need to have good financial planning, both for cash inflow and outflow as well, as your bills need to be paid on time.

We recommend that you look for people who are already working in this format, exchange ideas with them, seek experiences from the most experienced and from people who are already filming the path you want to follow.

The advantages are incredible, as you will be able to control the most valuable thing in our lives, which is time. And as you know he doesn't come back. You will be completely free to define your working hours, including whether you want to work during the day or at night. But never forget discipline and commitment.


As our intention here is always to help you, we have just listed the best freelancing sites that exist today and the most reliable ones.

But know right away that being a professional like this means having much more flexibility in choosing your next job. Not to mention that you will also have complete freedom in deciding how, when and where you will do it.

So that's it, we're done here, we hope you enjoyed the list and that it helped you. We're done here, big hug and much success?