Understand Everything About How 5G Technology Works


So are you curious to know how 5G Technology works? Also known as the 5th generation of the mobile phone era. Know that you are not the only one who wants to know more about this incredible innovation in technology. Everyone wants to know more.

We will cover in our content related topics about how this technology works, what it really is, what it is for, its benefits and much more. You are curious?


So stay with us and learn once and for all how 5G Technology works! Let's go!

5g technology how it works
How 5g technology works (Google Image)

What is it?

Before we explain to you in detail how 5G technology works, it is extremely important that you know what it is. We can say that 5G is the future of its predecessors 3 and 4G of mobile internet data network. One of its great promises is that it will bring us users much more speed, wider coverage and more stability.

As reported by several experts around the world, 5G will allow approximately more than 1 million devices to be able to connect per square meter.

This will only be possible using the best spectrum of radio waves, which will allow many more devices to be able to access the mobile internet simultaneously. The idea is to really make everything connected, from smartphones, vehicles, appliances, security equipment, electronic devices, among others.

How it works?

Now that you know what it is, it's time to explain how 5G technology works. So know that it uses the highest frequency bands of the mobile phone network to function. Typically 3.5 to 26 Gigahertz.

These in turn have a much greater capacity, but their wavelengths are much smaller, so their range is shorter. And for that reason they are called millimeter waves. Where they are blocked easily by many physical objects.

But be aware that the standards for all types of 5G protocols have not yet been defined, so it is very likely that smaller antenna modules will emerge that will be close to the ground. Which will be responsible for propagating the millimeter waves of this innovation. With a much larger number of transmitters and also receivers the coverage will then be much more extensive.

What is it for?

Whoever imagines that 5G came just to make internet browsing faster is completely wrong, the great expectation is that when the fifth generation of mobile telephony reaches its last stage, it will then represent a very important advance for the whole of society.

It is already estimated that this innovation, due to its great coverage and speed, can replace in some cases the home networks that currently use Wi-Fi connection.

Researchers and experts claim that the technology will be a great complement, with operator companies offering their customers 5G modems, broadband and Wi-Fi connection for different types of profiles.

And for those who like to play games on their smartphone, it will be great, because with this technology, users will notice a much lower delay, or latency, when issuing a command and being able to see the effect on the cell phone screen.

5G in the future will connect many smart objects simultaneously, due to its extremely fast response time, even vehicles will be able to drive without drivers.

Video playback on mobile devices promises to be virtually instantaneous and without any interruption during the transmission period. Video calls will also become less jerky and much clearer.

And the devices used to practice physical exercises will be used to monitor your health in real time, notifying your doctor of any problem or emergency.

How fast is this technology?

The great manufacturer of chips Qualcomm, in tests carried out in South Korea, where 5G is already in full operation, believes that it is possible that it will be able to reach speed in navigation and make downloads between 10 or 20 times faster than the 3G networks and 4G. In their tests they managed to download the game (PUBG Mobile), which has 2 GB of storage in less than 2 minutes.

Nowadays, the fastest 4G mobile networks offer an average of 45 Mpbs to their users, but the industry still wants to go further and reach 1 Gbps. And it is for this reason that this new technological generation is so awaited.

Will I need a new smartphone to use 5G?

It is more than normal and even natural for you to be wondering if you are going to need a new cellphone to be able to use 5G. So stay tuned because it is very likely that yes, unfortunately not all smartphone models are compatible with this new technology. A case very similar to what happened in 2012, with the launch of 4G. Not all devices were compatible.

And with this new technology, the situation shouldn't be much different, as there are still very few models of devices that support it for sale, and the ones that exist on the market, let's be honest, are still absurdly expensive.

But for our happiness, as this innovation became a reality, then it is clear that the manufacturers of devices in the segment must carry out a plan to be able to bring smartphones compatible with the new network at more affordable prices.

Which countries already use it?

Currently, not many countries use it, but just below you can check the list of all the countries in the world that already enjoy this technological innovation, they are:

  • South Korea made 5G available to its users in April 2019 in different regions of the country;
  • The United States followed by offering the service in Minneapolis and Chicago, and later in other cities;
  • And in October 2019, China launched the largest of all 5G mobile networks worldwide in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Honk Kong;
  • Still in 2019, the United Kingdom made the new network available to its users;
  • And then came Uruguay, which ended up becoming practically the first country in South America to make the network commercially available to its users;
  • Tobago and Trinidad, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are also other countries in North and Central America where the service is already available;
  • Canada, as well as Brazil, are waiting for the specific auction of 5G frequencies by Anatel in order to make the services available.

When do you arrive in Brazil?

The whole beginning of the implementation process of the fifth generation mobile telephony network is expected to start here in Brazil in 2020, but for everything to be in perfect working order, it is estimated that the entire implementation will take place even probably until 2025.

This at least in the largest and logically in the main metropolises. After all, Brazil is practically one of the biggest markets in the world when it comes to mobile devices and internet usage. Studies reveal that there will be more than 230 million new mobile data lines by the year 2023, that is practically one line for each inhabitant.

Uncertainties still exist, as the frequency auction has not yet taken place, as mentioned in the previous topic, but we believe that 2022 is a more certain date for the commercial exploitation of the network in our country.

How will 5G work in the internet of things?

One of the great certainties that we already have about how the new network will work in internet of things will be its application in autonomous vehicles. There are already tests in various places around the world with vehicles such as cars, trucks and even buses. This will only contribute to the reduction of accidents.

Another reality will be that of connected homes, have you thought about being able to turn on your oven and your air conditioning before arriving home, so that when you arrive and enter your food will be ready and your environment will be air-conditioned. Lights and tv will also work once you enter your residence.

But the innovation of this new technology should not be restricted to vehicles or inside your home, quite the contrary, it will extend throughout the city, leaving it fully connected.

The industry will have big changes like giant machines connected to the internet through a wireless network, making them much more efficient. This is both for sending reports and also being able to find problems.

The good thing about all this is that the connection will work all the time and for everyone, which due to the density of 5G is capable of supporting many more connections at the same time.

Is this technology dangerous?

If you have read this somewhere, try to forget it, as 5G technology does not pose any danger to health, rumors have spread on social media about this, but they are nothing more than mere fake news.

The power used is much lower if related to 4G, for this reason there is not the slightest possibility of it offering any danger, which in fact no longer exists with current technology.

In case you didn't know, all radio frequency ranges are non-ionizing, so they don't have enough strength to be able to break the relationships of molecules in the human body.


We can therefore conclude that 5G technology uses much higher frequency bands and poses no health risk. And that it is the future of its 4G and 3G predecessors that will bring many benefits to everyone.

It will allow more than a million devices to connect at the same time, with incredible speeds and lower latency. And it will serve in the very near future to connect several smart objects at the same time, which is fantastic. And that's just the beginning.

So that's it, we hope we have helped you to better understand how this new technology works, what it is, what it is for, its applications and more. Let's stop here, make good use of it and success?