Best Tips on How to Build a Sales Website


In this article today, we'll take your hand and show you how to set up a sales website, which today is certainly an excellent way to achieve success on the web.

The vast majority of people have the desire to earn money on the internet, and as the internet is increasingly popular, it has brought with it many ways to turn this big dream into reality.


Of course, having a successful virtual store is not an easy task, but you already know that, right? Mainly because of the enormous amount of work you will have to do to publicize your website until you get an excellent reputation on the internet.

how to make a sales store
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But stay calm, because we are here to help and assist you. Because you have to start with a starting point, right? Therefore, we decided to teach you everything you need to know before starting to create your sales website step by step, and start your walk in the online market.

We want to make it clear that in this market you will not get rich overnight. You can even get rich yes, but it won't be overnight. This requires dedication and hard work.

You need to do good planning, choose a niche and also choose a good platform to put your store on the air. Because that way your chances of achieving success only tend to increase over time.

What you need to know before starting to create your sales website:

Your first step is to think and reflect a lot on the subject. Then, try to develop an excellent product that solves people's problems, and only after that, start to outline your business plan.

If you're already thinking about making a website to sell online, you've probably already developed the product and now want to sell it. If your product is exclusive and has good demand from consumers, my dear, then you are very lucky and may even start celebrating.

Because the possibilities of it being a tremendous success are gigantic. But the most important thing is to believe in what you are going to sell on the internet, not to mention that you will have to understand everything about the product down to the smallest detail. Because that way you will be able to connect with your consumers more easily.

And never forget to set up a SAC (Customer Service), this will speed up all contact between consumers and your store.

Make a good plan:

This part is essential, the planning, we can even say that it is the soul of your business. Think about things like: I'm going to work with physical products, which require delivery, so you'll have to think about how and in what way your products reached your customer.

I will work with digital products, which in turn can be delivered via e-mail and consumed over the Internet. Try to study well how your logistics will be and who will do it for you.

Will you choose to create a stock and sell only items of the same product, or will they be unique inventions, such as: products such as art in general or items for collectors?

Will the items that make up your catalog be available in several different categories, or will it be in a single niche such as clothing or stationery? How will I find and define my target audience?

These are simple questions, but ones you should ask yourself. This will all be part of your planning, and don't even think about skipping this step.

Create your own online store:

Without a doubt, the best option of all is to set up your own store, as this way you won't be dependent on a third-party platform, such as Mercado Livre. That way you will increase your chances of growing as you gain more credibility and seek new customers.

Because if you choose to use a third-party platform to sell your products, then most of your revenue will go to them. Which is not good. So keep in mind right away that to set up a virtual store, you will need to register a domain (which will be the name of your online store).

And you will also have to hire a website hosting company, as it will keep your business running online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But this is a subject for the following topics.

Choosing the perfect domain for your online business:

Your first step in making the right choice for the name of your website is to do a good research on the niche that you will operate. Always look for keywords that are popular with your potential customers, and try to choose a name that really represents your business.

Always give preference to names that are simple, short, attractive and that people can easily remember. If you have difficulties use a name generator to help you.

And if you want to make life even easier for users and thus gain even more credibility, choose a domain extension that ends in .com or Never use hyphens or numbers in your domain, as they can confuse people. And that's not what you want right?

Take a good look at the main social networks like Facebook and Instagram, so you'll see if you already have someone using the name you want on a page or profile. Because it's important to always reserve a place for them.

After that, you just need to register and domain purchase. You can do this in different registers, for example:

  • Godaddy;
  • Hostinger;
  • Hostgator;
  • Superdomains;
  • Among many others.

Making the choice of hosting:

Now that you've chosen the perfect name to register the domain, then it's time to choose a great domain service. accommodation. The choice of hosting is very important, as it is what will keep your online store 24 hours a day throughout the year as we mentioned earlier.

Always try to choose a hosting that offers an Uptime of 99.9%, this means the time it stays in the air without the risk of crashing. Nowadays it is very difficult to find one that offers less than this.

Another factor that you also have to take into account is whether the hosting provider offers 24/7 support. This is essential, as unforeseen events can happen.

And another very important point is completely linked to the security of your data and the data of your customers. So choose a hosting that provides a security certificate to make the site safe.

So look for a website hosting provider that offers frequent backups. And if something goes wrong then you can revert any type of error. And never forget to use a content delivery network.

Which platform to use?

Planning done, chosen niche, registered domain and contracted hosting. So now it's almost all done, you just need to choose which one e-commerce platform to use.

We could not, under any circumstances, fail to recommend the WordPress platform to you. It is the best platform in the world, it is simple, practical, in addition to being used by hundreds of thousands of people across the planet to create websites.

It also serves perfectly to create blogs, in fact it is the darling platform of bloggers. And it also serves perfectly to create any type of website, including an E-commerce website from scratch.

When it comes to layout and customization WordPress is unbeatable.

So right after installing WordPress, you will need to choose a good WordPress online store theme to use and thus make your store layout beautiful and attractive.

Our recommendation for you could not fail to be Woocommerce. In addition to integrating perfectly with WordPress, it has all the features that a virtual store needs.

But why should I use Woocommerce?

There are many reasons why you should use woocommerce, this platform is a tremendous success worldwide and already has more than 5 million active installations. A recent survey conducted by the Builtwith website reveals that 35,712 thousand of the 1 million online stores visited by them use Woocommerce.

Another reason to go for it is that it was built to seamlessly integrate with WordPress in just a few clicks. Which will make managing your business a lot easier.

Another great advantage of using Woocommerce is that it is fully scalable, which means that it is always ready to grow along with your business.

This WordPress plugin also offers incredible features to protect your data and your customers, especially during payment transactions.

Wocommerce is so good that you can just start using it in your store using the free version. And as your online store grows, you can purchase extensions that will further increase your capabilities.


O Magento it is also definitely an excellent platform as it also offers many features and tools. But on the other hand, it is not a good option for beginners, as it requires certain technical knowledge. But you will definitely find many positive points on this platform.

It has many functions allowing a good customization, but unfortunately it offers few templates for its users. This is due to the fact that Magento users develop their own themes.

This platform also stands out in terms of security and frequent updates, many of which are completely separate from the main updates. It also offers the possibility of growth, just like Wocommerce, thus allowing both to grow together.


Most of the time the platform PrestaShop it is not the first option when thinking about making a website to sell on the web. But that doesn't mean you should ignore it.

Firstly, for the simple fact that the platform offers an incredible product editing interface. Counting with many advanced features and simple to use.

You will be able to customize the layout of your store using modules and themes, this will allow you to radically change the entire look, making it very attractive.

Templates can be changed to give that unique and exclusive look based on your branding. And in turn the modules serve to add more functions to the site.

PrestaShop offers a very large number of themes and modules, allowing you to implement features such as discount coupons, contact forms and much more. We also recommend the Prestashop platform as it is easy to use if you are a first-timer.

How to advertise on the internet?

As you can see by now, setting up a virtual store is not even that difficult, is it? It will be much more difficult to sell your products than to create the store itself, since so far nobody knows your products.

So for your business to really take off on the internet, you'll have to learn different ways to disclosure. And of course this in some cases also requires investment.

The tip is, do a complete check and be absolutely sure that it is working correctly for launch day.

Try to invest in several different forms of advertising and publicity, always maintaining continuous long-term planning. With this you will have a flow of customers and thus allow the growth of the same.

Here are some ways to promote:

  • Learn how to advertise on Google, there are free and paid ways;
  • Learn how to generate traffic to your website;
  • Learn everything you can about SEO techniques to position your online store in the first search results of search engines;
  • Use Content Marketing strategies;
  • Promote it on social networks like Instagram and Facebook and also on the new social networks that are already on the web.
  • Also use a very attractive WordPress popup plugin to grab your visitors' attention and convert much more sales by offering them discounts.

Put all these promotion strategies into practice, do not wait for visitors to find your virtual store at the beginning of their walk, as it will still be completely unknown on the internet.

Quick conclusion:

So that's it, you've just seen some tips on how to set up a sales website, and you also know exactly what you have to do to leverage your online business.

That is to carefully plan, choose a good E-commerce platform, and invest in ways of promoting your online store to sell and grow. Because only then will you be able to earn money.

If you put all these tips and recommendations into practice, if your product is really good. Then your business will be a real hit on the internet.

We're done here, we hope you enjoyed this content more. See you later, many sales and much success?