Tips on How to Promote Your Site on the Internet


If you already have a website, blog or even an online store, then you will definitely want to promote your website on the internet and attract many more visitors to it daily.



An excellent way is to find out exactly how to do this the right way and reach an ever-growing audience.


There are several very efficient ways to promote a website, and in this content today we are going to show you some ways on how to do this without having to invest. So let's find out how?

how to advertise a website

Why is it important to know how to promote a website on the internet?

Obviously, if you want your internet business to prosper, then you need to get a lot more visitors every day in order to grow.


That's why it's very important to know how to promote your website in the right way in order to achieve this goal. More visits = more sales = more money in your pocket.


All types of sites need and do need some form of disclosure on the internet. It could be a local business, a blog, a news portal or a newly created virtual store.


Everyone without exception needs to know how to advertise well on the web to get much more exposure. Regardless of the type of disclosure to be applied, both have the same objective. What is get traffic and reach your desired target audience.


We will cite a good example so you can understand better. Suppose you have an online perfume store. So in that case you need to find ways to get your customers and potential consumers to visit your online store. But for you to achieve that, then you need to promote it in order to get more and more exposure.


Another important detail that we cannot fail to mention here in this article is if your store is already in an expansion process. So getting more visits will result in increased sales.


Nowadays there are several forms of online advertising, such as: Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, among others. But all are paid options.


You can and should learn about these forms of disclosure too, as they are important for your business. But our intention today is to teach you how to promote your business for free.


The best free and effective outreach strategies:

All the strategies we'll mention below will bring traffic to your website for free, but know right away that you're going to have to get your hands dirty to be able to reap the rewards.


Also, you won't be limited in choosing just one strategy. On the contrary, the recommendation is that you combine them and thus maximize your results. Try to choose the form of disclosure that best matches your way of working and also the type of proposal for your project on the web.


So enough blah blah blah and let's get down to business. Below we will mention the best ways to promote your website for free.


Make a blog:

If you already have a website, and have decided to deploy one blog in it, know that this was an excellent idea and that it will help you get much more visits by creating important content.


Posting articles that people like to consume will make them more likely to come back to your site in the future. And of course they also recommended your blog to other people.


It is very important to create valuable and quality content that is relevant, making your audience more and more engaged. You will be able to do this easily, as long as the articles are entertaining and stimulating.


However, making a blog will only bring benefits, as it will get better positions in search engines. For this reason, create content that solves a specific problem for readers.


So for you to be able to optimize your site and rank it better, you will need to use seo techniques and offer content with subjects that your audience searches for in searches.


For you to get much better results in search engines, our recommendation for you is to use tools known as (keyword planners).


There are several on the internet, both paid and free. But as our focus here is to teach you how to promote websites without spending anything you can use Ubersuggest which is 100% free.


This tool will show you the volume of searches that each keyword has per month, so you can better plan your content with subjects that are most in demand.


Another good thing about having a blog is using a strategy known as Guest Posting. Where you invite and may also be invited to write articles on other blogs and link to yours.


In addition to publishing the content of your blog on another blog on the internet, you will be starting to build backlinks on another platform.


This will definitely help you improve your project, which will increasingly gain more authority. But it is important that you know how to choose wisely which blogs you want to participate in as a guest.


The recommendation is that you try to write for another blog in the same niche as yours, and that has a lot of visits. Otherwise you will be wasting time writing for an audience that is not interested in your site.


So just create high quality content that appeals to your target audience. Always keep this in mind whether you are writing for your blog or as a guest.


E-mail marketing:

People who signed up on your website to receive more content, so in that case the emails you send should be written for a very specific target audience, which is yours.


That's why you have a duty to educate them. If they signed up to receive discounted promotions, then this is what you have to offer them. But before you start putting this strategy into practice, you first need to start building your email list.


It is very simple to do this, create a registration form on your website for your visitors to fill in if they are interested, it can even be a newsletter.


Then just use some email marketing tool to send emails to those who signed up for your form. There are several companies, many are paid but offer free plans to get you started.


Meet some:


  • MailChimp;
  • E-Goi;
  • Mautic.


All you have to do is choose which one you like best and start advertising for free.


Index your site in search engines:

You can even get more extra and free benefits also if you index your site in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. If it is indexed in these mechanisms, you will certainly receive much more traffic for your project on the internet.


Try to publish new posts frequently, as search engine results pages will always show the most relevant content. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it updated.


Indexing it in Google Search Console is very simple, and it's free. And over time you will receive important data and statistics. Like for example click-through rate and the amount of daily organic visits.



The social network Facebook is well known as an excellent tool to promote any online business. It has a lot of functionality allowing users to configure many things to do the outreach easily.


Pages (fan pages) are certainly the most used tool in this social media. Here you can easily create a free profile for your website.


And so it's just a matter of starting the production of content offering news for your audience to find you. So you can also interact with your visitors easily.


It is important for you to know that in Facebook it is possible to build your reputation, for example: the number of likes and comments on your posts are indicators that serve to show whether or not your audience is liking the content of your site.


Another resource often used to advertise on Facebook is groups. It's also free and you can ask your visitors about anything about your business.


You can integrate your group with your page, then just make good communication to increase engagement. It is very likely that visitors will be loyal to your page and your group.



O Instagram is virtually the largest social network in the world, it has 1 billion active users. And this makes this gigantic platform an excellent place to advertise without spending anything. I'm sure you must be wondering right now, but how will I promote my website on Instagram?


The answer is very simple, create interesting content, with an attractive look that makes people engage by commenting, liking and also tagging other network users.


Never forget to use hashtags to get much more reach for your posts and thus make it easier for your target audience to find you.


Use and abuse Instagram Stories to promote your content, if possible do this daily using good photos and good videos. Although Stories posts are live for only 24 hours, this is certainly an excellent way to share your campaigns.


And if you want to promote your website using longer duration videos, you can use IGTV. This feature will allow you to post longer videos and is great for higher value content.


For these and other reasons, we cite the Instagram, it will be essential to advertise on the internet for free. It has incredible visual appeal and the platform never stops and grows.



If you choose to make the disclosures on only one platform, Twitter is certainly the best of all for this. Twitter is well known for being very simple, allowing its users to post content with a much smaller number of characters compared to other social networks. But be aware that tweets work very well.


On Twitter, you can share various contents to attract the attention of users, always using hashtags to reach the desired target audience.


Always try to ensure that your posts are consistent with what your website really represents. You can also use Twitter Cards, which in turn allows you to configure individual posts, always inserting photos, videos and even links.


This strategy can be used to promote posts and content within the platform, thus making everything more organized and detailed.



If you are interested in capturing your audience's attention using videos, then YouTube is definitely the perfect platform for you.


Recent research shows that 8 out of 10 people use YouTube to do research and watch videos frequently. For this reason, it is an excellent place to advertise.


You only have to gain by disclosing content on your Youtube channel. Because there you can share everything on other social media and you can also insert links that will point to your content.


It's an excellent place to post different content, from introductory videos, tutorials to demonstrate how a certain product works and even partner with other channels.


Not to mention that the platform makes their own YouTube Analytics available to you, so you can measure your work by collecting very important data.


With this free YouTube tool, you can find out the exact number and time of views of your videos, the number of people subscribed to your channel and much more.


Quick conclusion:

This is a question that will never cease to be asked: How can I advertise my website for free? This question will always appear, especially when the desire is to get more visits.


It doesn't matter what online business model you have. Spreading it on the web, even more so for free, will only bring benefits in the short, medium and long term.


So how about we give you a quick recap to fix in your mind once and for all the forms of free promotion presented in this content. Let's go:


  1. Blog: excellent way to create and share high quality content and thus gain positioning in search engines through SEO for your pages;
  2. E-mail Marketing: brings your relationship closer to your audience;
  3. Indexing your site in search engines: will help show search and search engines that your site exists and has a confirmed owner and can receive visits;
  4. Facebook: an excellent social network with several different features to advertise for free;
  5. Instagram: will help you post incredible content, especially with an attractive look;
  6. Twitter: uses simplicity, which will help a lot in free dissemination;
  7. YouTube: if the disclosure is in video format, there is no better place.


So that's it, we've reached the end of another article, where we show you how to promote your website on the internet without paying anything. Now it's up to you.


We're done here, until next time and success in your online business?



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