Best Tips on How to Write a Blog Article


As you already know, blogging is one of the most popular ways to present the knowledge you master. But are you doing it the right way? Do you even know how to write a blog article?

It doesn't matter what the text is about, it could be fashion, technology, fun, recipes, among others, can you turn your ideas into incredible texts? What makes people want to read more and more?


So if you are in this group of people, we will give you super tips on how to write an amazing article to publish on your blog. Come on, you'll see how to choose a niche, how to set up the structure of your text and much more.

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How to start writing an article:

So for you to learn how to write good text for your blog, first we will help you choose a great niche and then how to create all the necessary structure for your blog. And then we'll cover the best ways to edit and proofread all of your content.

Logically there is no way to write a blog. Of course there are steps to be followed. Which in turn are part of good writing practices.

That's why this content here in particular is dedicated to beginners who want to improve their writing performance and maybe even specialize in the area.

Choosing a niche:

It is recommended that you focus on just one niche, even though there are many other blogs that focus on many different niches.

Blogs that focus on multiple niches often have not very good SEO. For example, a blog that talks about cars will get better results on Google searches than a blog that talks about cars and barbecues.

There are several ways for the algorithm search engine to determine the relevance of a site, and one of them is the keywords. For this reason, a blog that talks about several niches will have less preference in the results than a blog that has only one niche.

Not to mention that having multiple niches may be able to attract fewer readers. Here's a simple example: people who want to read content about cars might not like to see content about barbecue grills.

That's why focusing on a single niche you will be able to write and publish an article on your blog with much better quality. And of course, depending on the niche of your choice, the subject topics will come. And we cannot fail to mention to you that the concept of writing and topics must be as original as possible.

Writing original content tends to attract a lot more visitors, don't worry, attractive and eye-catching text is not that difficult to create.

Your ideas for writing should always come from what you want to do. But, of course, also seek inspiration from other sources. But never forget to use your own approach and your knowledge of course. By following these step-by-step tips starting from scratch, you'll be able to generate traffic to your blog quickly, which is what matters.

Know that rewriting texts by other authors and other people is not cool, and this will not make your texts unique. This can even harm your image, as this will not pass on good authority to your readers.

Article structure:

In this example we will use the script of an ok movie. So the film begins, has its middle and finally its conclusion. Maybe you don't know anymore the structure of a blog works very similar to this script.

It can be easily used by the writer to organize and prepare the content in a way that is understandable to read, write and also to read. We often call it a planning framework, as it involves things like:

  • Model;
  • Road map;
  • Instructions.

Regardless of the name you choose, our goal here is to help you write high-quality text for your blog. When you divide your content into parts, then you can better plan your introduction, your delivery, and of course your conclusion.

Never, under any circumstances, leave the theme chosen by you, the visitor may not like it and leave the site more quickly, thus increasing your rejection rate.

Always determine a purpose for your texts, what you intend to persuade or educate your reader. Always ensure this creation line so that the text does not get confused.

Never forget the titles and subtitles of the same, writing good titles informs the user what he will find in the next topic, and without leaving the context.

At a slightly more advanced stage of the article structure, you can already start applying link building strategies to your blog by pointing backlinks to it.

Do this by linking one piece of content to another, and also get links on other blogs to point to yours. This increases your relevance by making you better positioned in searches.

Writing a good blog post:

This is your first text, so forget the editing and proofreading part and leave it for later, simply focus on good planning of the best ideas, letting the creativity flow. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to write high-quality text for blogs.

So taking into account that this is your first text for the web, you can let yourself be carried away by your ideas and thoughts, which arise in your head spontaneously.

Of course, it may be that not all ideas are so good, for this reason, the elimination of some ideas can happen during the revision and editing phase.

But don't worry about this now, as some of these ideas that may not be as good could be used in some other topics later on.

My tip is, whenever you are writing a text, then write the development first, and leave the conclusion and introduction for later. Since the article is yours, you may want to change it at any time. Don't rush things.

Editing and proofreading:

Now that you've seen how to start writing, picked a niche, learned more about article structure, and how to write good copy, then it's time to edit and revise what you've written.

A lot of people don't know this, but editing and proofreading are separate parts of the process. The first step is editing, followed by proofreading.


These editing and proofreading steps are very important to ensure the good quality of what is being reported. And also the clarity of a good read of what you've written.

In the editing part, worry about removing exaggerations and even excesses in your text. Which are actually those words and even information without need. Which are actually just making volume.

There are ways to cut the excesses of the article you wrote, it's simple, when you read it, so ask yourself if you can explain your ideas objectively and clearly.

Then also review the structure and style of your post. Our recommendation is that you do this task on another day, after writing the text and organizing everything.

Don't do it all at once, it's very tiring and you may not be able to efficiently edit and revise everything you need. Because we're talking about writing content that is amazing.

When editing the content, then look at the entire plan very quickly. Make sure all the topics you would like to address are there.

Check headings and subheadings and see if everything fits right with the topics you see below, see if everything is sorted by degree of importance.

When revising the style, then check the tone of the writing, and see if it sounds like you intended. Always make sure your writing makes sense.


Done the steps above, then it's time for the review. Here you will deal with grammar issues, spelling errors, verb pronunciation, accents, punctuation and more. But you can use online tools like spell checkers.

This is extremely important as typos, punctuation and writing errors are unacceptable. Always keep in mind “Quality Content is King”.

Once the proofreading part is over, it's time to see how the text you've written will look on your site visually. If you use WordPress then just request the preview option before publishing, so you can check things like:

  • Structure;
  • Images;
  • Links;
  • Text readability and more.

Always when writing never ever leave the proofreading and editing part out, poorly written texts do not please on the internet.

Analyze what you wrote and published. See if it's working and adapt:

As mentioned earlier, this is content for beginners who don't know how to write a good blog article and make the internet's gears turn.

This is not a step-by-step guide that you need to follow, so take advantage of this guide to ensure good writing practice. If you want to skip the editing and proofreading step, it's up to you, but be aware that you could be harmed by poor quality content.

At this stage, try to analyze how people are reaching your content and texts that you wrote. Freely integrate your website with Google Analytics using a plugin and see everything that happens in real time.

Post what you wrote:

Never stop publicizing your site, now that you know how to write a good text, so why not publicize it, and see how people behave with your text. There are many ways to do it:

  • Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, create free posts;
  • If you want to invest some money, run ads on Google to drive people to the content you've written;
  • There are also new social networks that are unexplored and are coming with everything;
  • And if you want, you can also disclose using Instagram;
  • Use Content Marketing strategies when promoting your website.

Over time, your blog articles will already have a much higher volume of visits, and you will be able to make money from your blog also monetizing your traffic.

Brief conclusion:

As you can see, writing blog articles is not that difficult, is it? And today we believe that we managed to get this message across so that you can always improve more every day. So how about giving a quick recap of the most important points, which are:

  • Find your niche;
  • Create a good structure;
  • Write a mega article;
  • Review what you wrote;
  • Preview text before posting and analyzing;
  • Publish the text and track it through Analytics;

In addition to the tips given here, you also received tips on how to advertise. So now it's up to you. Study, practice, apply and follow the results, as they will help you to always improve your way of writing.

Well, that's it for today, we hope you enjoyed this brief, most important piece of content. And that he might have helped you in some way. Big hug and success