Know Who Invented the Telephone: History and Evolution


One of the most widely used means of communication today is undoubtedly the telephone, but have you ever stopped and asked, who invented the telephone? Who were the brilliant minds behind this great invention?

Who studied and came up with this wonderful idea, who patented it, who actually put their hands to work so that today we could have the opportunity to talk without necessarily needing to be close to each other?


That over time has only been optimized and become an increasingly versatile and complete tool in terms of functionality. that even this one invention can even save lives. But it has always remained at a level of high need for humanity, allowing people to communicate better and better.

If you've already asked yourself this question, this post was made especially for you, since today we're going to clear up all your doubts about who's behind this great idea, who actually invented this marvel. Was it Alexandre Graham Bell, or Antonio Meucci, as many debate? Or was it still Amos Dolbear?

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Never heard of that third one? If not, you don't even have to worry, today you'll get to know him and everyone else in depth, and even find out what were the contributions of each of these people in this very significant project in our lives in different daily activities. He was curious to find out, so stay with us.

The telephone:

It is recognized in nomenclature as a device that has the ability to transmit sound waves at a distance, so that the sound generated from one device can be heard in another, specifically speech, which is the main transmitted sound.

And the main idea of generating the device, making it, therefore, a great means of communication. The sound can be transmitted by the telephone set due to the existence of a method that uses electromagnetic waves for this.

So that you can better understand how it works, it's good to understand that in a conversation the two people involved are called sender, the one who sends the message, and receiver, the one who receives it.

From there, you can understand how he manages to maintain this communication connection between the parties, working as follows: the transmitter sends the speech so that the device has contact with the sound of what is said, then the device transforms sound energy into electrical energy, and thus sends the message to the receiver's telephone, which transforms this electrical energy into sound again. Making the person can hear the message that is spoken and understand, making the communication process effective.

Now that you've read how the invention works, you've probably noticed that even though it's a relatively simple activity, it takes a specific amount of time to be successfully carried out, and then you think, does it take so long? Of course not, it's a very quick process, at least nowadays, occurring in a matter of milliseconds in a call.

For example, where our ears cannot detect, letting the conversation flow well and normally, with quality, depending only on the vehicle used by the phone for the speech transmission.

It is still correct to think that with the passage of time the quality of the short time for the transmission of voice messages has certainly changed, since in the past the telephone device was a new idea, it was still being discovered, studied, and logically updated frequently. .

And as time passed, its features improved and made it what it is today, an indispensable and complete machine.

Who invented?

Now is the part where you think you still haven't figured out who invented the telephone, right? But calm down, you first need to know something about discoveries and technological inventions over the years. Especially the telephone, which raises many questions about who actually created this means of communication that is so essential today.

Well, what is taken into account to find out who actually invented it is the person, inventor, scientist, who got the idea into shape, that is, who assembled, used and had a good functioning for the device, and who if known over time was Alexander Graham Bell.

But recently, in 2002, Antonio Meucci became the oldest inventor of the same, and Amos Dolbear also entered the story. So for you to understand more deeply about all these physicists and great scholars we have prepared the section below, check out everything about how they were special in the invention over the years, and understand the contribution of each one to this great timeless invention.

Alexander Graham Bell:

Alexander Graham Bell is one of the main names you hear and remember when it comes to the invention of the telephone, and he is one of the names involved that takes most of the credit.

Being clearly perceived from the moment that he is observed as one of the main people involved in the process and also the one who disseminated the idea of the project with greater vehemence.

Graham Bell was born in the year 1847, on the 3rd of March, in Edinburgh, Scotland, dying on the 2nd of August, 1922, in Beinn Bhreagh, of diabetes mellitus. He was a great scientist, inventor and founder of the electric company that bears his surname Bell.

Even though he was considered the great inventor of the device, in 2002, the United States Congress recognized this merit to another scientist who achieved the feat even before Graham Bell, the Italian Meucci.

Which we will talk about later, and it is still good to remember that Graham Bell bought the prototype of Meucci's device in the 1870s, from another company, from then on being mistakenly considered the inventor, but being in fact the patenter of the idea.

Alexander Graham Bell's ideas for the telephone made it an even more efficient machine, where in his telephone company, Bell Company, he bought the patent for the carbon microphone, which was created by Thomas Edison. And putting all these ideas together allowed the invention to be even more efficient for long distance calls.

In general terms, it is correct to say that Alexandre Graham Bell was actually a great successful entrepreneur, who knew how to study a lot about the product he wanted to undertake, promoted improvements in it and bought all the useful ideas to generate enormous recognition in the area.

Which gave his name a great association with the invention of the telephone, but he was responsible for making the idea better, through third-party discoveries, bringing it in physical form to the world.

Antonio Meucci:

Recognized in 2002, by the United States Congress, as also being the inventor of the telephone, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was born in the year 1808, on the 13th of April, in the city of Florence, dying in the year 1889, on the 18th of October, in New York.

He was an Italian inventor who created the teletrophone, which was considered the forerunner and main idea for the creation of what we know today, therefore considering Meucci as the creator of the telephone device itself.

Antonio Meucci studied, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, chemical engineering and industrial engineering, which made him have useful knowledge. Precursor who boosted his ideas, thus promoting, through his willingness to learn and create new things, the teletrophone generation, father of the telephone.

The creation of the telephone came as an idea to solve a problem that Meucci had, as well as the idea of genuine engineering work, solving problems.

His wife suffered from rheumatism, which was why she was constantly in bed, and he spent a good part of the day in his office working, having to invent something to be able to communicate with her all the time.

Therefore, he invented the teletrophone, a device that became known as the electromagnetic telephone, allowing him to connect his office to his bedroom, where his wife stayed all day.

Being able to communicate with her whenever she needed something, thus solving her problem with a pioneering idea of something that, not even he himself knew, would later be indispensable for humanity.

Due to the great financial difficulties that he lived with his family, Meucci thought about selling his great idea of the teletrophone, a patent, passing it on to the company known as Western Union, which worked with telegraphs.

However, this idea was not as good as he thought it would be, since the company claimed that they would not buy his idea, even though they retained the patent, and when he went after it they claimed something like they had lost it or something. similarly, deceiving Antonio Meucci.

Four years later, in 1874, the media reported that Alexandre Graham Bell, who some time ago would have shared a laboratory with Meucci, that is, he already knew the idea, would have invented the telephone, managing to obtain a patent with Western Union, piercing the friend's eye.

Antonio Meucci even sued Alexandre Graham Bell, with his victory close to the Supreme Court of the United States, but unfortunately, for specific reasons that are only identified as late justice by the justice of the time, the process was not finalized. Once Meucci died in 1889, before it was over, the case was then closed.

In this way, Alexandre Graham Bell was considered as the inventor for years, having only a posthumous recognition attributed to Mecci, which ended in life.

As far as history is known, just suffering a lot of anger, but knowing that he was the true inventor, a timeless genius, ahead of his time, and that he deserves all the recognition for that!

Amos Dolbear:

In the middle of the story still arises Amos Emerson Dolbear, who was born on November 10, 1837 and died on February 23, 1910, was a great American physicist and inventor. But what does he have to do with the whole story?

He was responsible for several in-depth studies regarding research regarding the observation of the conversion of sound waves into electrical impulses, something that, as you saw at the beginning of this post, has everything to do with the operation of the device, which guarantees the communication through the device.

The first idea he made was in 1865, 11 years before Alexander Graham Bell, who before 2002 was mistakenly considered as the inventor of the telephone, where Dolbear developed a magnetoelectric telephone device, which worked with the reception of sound through a permanent magnet.

As he was unable to prove this discovery, he ended up not being so considered in the history of invention, but he was a great scholar and contributed with this idea that so much moved the device in the future to a more useful model. Not being its inventor, since it only worked on a receiver present in the device, and not the product itself as Meucci.

The evolution:

So now that you know who invented the telephone, here's a simplified timeline we've prepared for you as the invention evolved over all these years:

  • 1876: Production of the first telephone device that would precede commercial models, made by Alexandre Graham Bell in a patented model of Meucci's invention of the telephone. In it, you could only do one thing at a time, speak and or listen, having a wooden box that worked as a battery;
  • 1904: Model that worked as a crank, in a signal sent by the operator who completed the call, having the shape of a candlestick;
  • 1950: Development of the classic wired model, where a ring was turned to dial the desired numbers, known as a fixed telephone, and which can still be found in some homes;
  • 1965: Creation of the model known as ?flip?, still without buttons and with the same rotating ring as the previous model to dial the numbers;
  • 1970: Creation of the corded model, but now with buttons;
  • 1980: Creation of the wireless model, allowing the person to talk with a minimum distance in rays between him and his base, which should be connected to the socket and keeping the device turned on;
  • 1990: It was launched by Motorola in cell phone format, for the first time in Brazil, with a display to see the numbers typed, known as ?tijolão?;
  • 2002: Cell phones now have a color screen and varied and increasingly differentiated models, with other uses besides calling, such as sending text messages and taking pictures using a digital camera.

Over the years, in 2005, the device gained the ability to play and store music files in MP3, arriving later, in 2007.

The cell phone with advanced technology, launched by Apple, in a touchscreen device, with the brand's own operating system and giving birth to the first smartphone. Which nowadays is marketed by various brands and with different functionalities.

So, would you like to know who invented the telephone and find out more about this device that is so indispensable in our daily lives, and who actually created it? We hope so! We're going to stop here, a big hug and success?