Learn All About Work From Home Office


Looking for Home Office work tips? Well, we have the best ones to present to you, come with us. The Home Office means office at home, it started here in Brazil around 1997, and since then it has only been growing more and more.

It is nothing more than an honest way that allows people to work and earn money at home by providing services to companies or entrepreneurs in various ways.


So, for you to win a vacancy like this in this format, you will need some important tools for your day to day work at home, which are:

home office work tips
Home Office (Google image)
  • A good resume preferably always updated with all your information and qualifications;
  • You will also need a notebook;
  • A headset with microphone to communicate;
  • An excellent internet connection, preferably a fast one.

Come with us and we'll show you super important details and valuable work home office tips, and how you can start off on the right foot.

Home office context:

In the universe of personal messaging applications that we live in today, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger and Telegram. And also pros like Google Hangouts and Slack, not to mention cloud computing like Google Drive, Dropbox and Gsuite.

They completely changed the way people communicate and also share information while carrying out their tasks. This then was the spark that was missing for work at home to take hold once and for all.

In present day these amazing modern tools based on cloud computing concept. It allows, in a simple and practical way, the storage and sharing of information and data on the internet. They can be any type of file, audio, texts, images, spreadsheets and videos.

So any form of work that only needs a computer and an internet connection, can have their tasks in the home office format.

The professions that stand out the most in this modality are: design, advertising, programming in general, web designer, freelance writer, among others.

What is Home Office Work?

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, you already know that home office means office at home, but in reality it is not limited to that space. People and professionals who opted for this model can also perform their functions in alternative locations, such as:

  • A park;
  • Hotel lobby;
  • A cafe in your city;
  • Airports;
  • Coworking;
  • Between others.

The home office will make all of this possible, just take your notebook and your smartphone device to a place that offers an internet connection and simply perform your tasks.

What is Coworking?

Coworking or shared work space is nothing more than an environment designed to bring together in one place several professionals who work remotely or in a home office format.

This is very interesting, because in these shared environments, in addition to carrying out your activities, you will also be able to expand your professional contacts, thus achieving more tasks and thus profiting even more from them.

But why the Home Office?

Nowadays, many companies are encouraging their employees to work in this format, and the reasons for this are many, see some of them:

  • Reduce transportation costs;
  • Decrease the infrastructure of physical space;
  • Download food expenses and much more.

And all of this has a very good side, which is the employee's quality of life and, above all, increased productivity. In a recent survey conducted by Owl Labs, where 3,028 employees from various companies around the world were interviewed.

It was then identified that the growth in production and focus is among the main reasons for respondents to opt for the home office. Where the same information is also confirmed in another survey made with 2009 workers by Surepayroll.

And according to research carried out by Sap Consultoria here in Brazil, in 2018 alone the number of workers in the work-at-home format already corresponded to no less than 32.5% of professionals.

And in the year 2019 that number grew to 35%. Only here in Brazil, the capital São Paulo has the largest concentration of Home Officers in the country.

How it works?

Working at home is not a model that is accessible to all professionals, as it is much more suitable for professions that depend directly on the computer and internet connection.

So if you are looking for ways to work remotely, it is good to be prepared and subject to many characteristics that may vary from one company to another, such as:

Fully remote work:

In this work-at-home format, you will not have the need to attend the company's office even occasionally.

Hybrid home office:

These are companies that offer two options, both in the home office format, or also at the company's headquarters office.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

As any form of work has its advantages and disadvantages, working from home also has its pros and cons, which are:


  • Beware of unnecessary distractions: Visits out of hours, pets, phone calls that are unrelated to your professional duties. All of this may interfere with your activities and reduce your productivity.
  • Interaction: Many people need to be in a place that allows interactivity with other people. For this reason, do an analysis and assess whether this is really your case.
  • Workday: It is very common for the home office employee to think that he will be able to carry out all his tasks. And that's why he forgets to stipulate times for his rest.

That's why we've prepared three important tips for you to apply and make working at home more pleasant and productive, they are:

  1. Work with 90-minute intervals, that way you will be maximizing your productivity;
  2. The human brain needs a break, so focus on working for an average of 90 to 120 minutes and after that, take a break;
  3. Keep your focus on the activities that are really important for a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes, after which you have your well-deserved rest.


  • Economy: You will be able to save a lot with transport and food, not to mention that you will not have to face chaotic traffic or a crowded bus or subway;
  • Much more autonomy: In the home office, you are the one who will manage your schedules, if you don't need to serve customers;
  • More freedom: You will work as you wish, as long as you faithfully fulfill your commitments and deliver concrete and satisfactory results to whoever you are.

In our point of view, this format offers many more advantages than disadvantages, but everything is a matter of choice and opinion.

Tips for a good Home Office:

So, since your intention is to really work from home, we have prepared three tips for you to apply and be much more successful in your journey, check it out:

Suitable environment:

Investing in a suitable environment will make all the difference, for this reason our recommendation is to look for rooms in your home that are more ideal for this.

Keep in mind that as you will be spending a lot of time sitting down, your ergonomic posture has to be as good as possible. For this reason, look for a good and comfortable chair, this way you will avoid problems with your health in the future.

If you can't find a suitable place to set up your office in your home, then our recommendation is that you look for a coworking space, which is nothing more than a shared workspace.

Stable internet connection:

As you may already know, the Internet it is what moves many professions today all over the planet. Including it is the main factor that allowed online work at home. And simply for that reason, having a stable internet plan capable of meeting your needs is more than essential.

Try to structure yourself with quality equipment, such as a good notebook or a good desktop preferably fast and fast, because a slow computer will not help at all. Our recommendation is, if possible, have both. And also a good printer with scanner.

Routine and organization:

Always try to plan your task routine, always leave documents organized in folders and identified. That way your work will be much more agile.

The organization will help to avoid problems, and will even contribute to better performance thus increasing your productivity.


So now that you already know a lot more details about working from home, it's time to take your first step in search of a vacancy. The tip is, make a resume and keep it always up to date, and if possible, also prepare a good and professional online digital portfolio.

Then just register your resume at home office job vacancies websites and also on sites that offer opportunities to provide services such as freelancer. There are sites that are very famous and reliable that make the connection between companies and professionals around the world, which are:

Freelance Websites:

Another way to get a vacancy is to always carry out searches on Google Jobs, and apply the search filters according to your profile.


It doesn't matter what name you give to this work format, it can be home office, remote, work at home, among others, what really matters is your constant growth.

As nowadays the tools offered by the internet are many, so the idea of being able to work anywhere just having a laptop and a connection to the net is no longer anything new. And yes a reality! So if you're looking for a vacancy, start preparing your resume today and register it on home office job vacancies sites.

So that's it, we've reached the end of another article, we hope you enjoyed our tips and that they helped you. We stop here, and we wish you success ?